This Week’s Top Stories! The Ultimate Guide to Winter Dressing

The Boosy buits

Believe it or not, winter fashion is much more than just sliding a jacket on top of your regular t-shirt. Winter dressing holds the power to bring out your element of style. We know that this season has a magic of its own. Be it the thrilling chills, misty mornings, romantic evenings or the moonlit nights, winter is sheer bliss. The HUB puts forward the ultimate guide for you that brings out your personality, this season of chills.

Bomber Jackets


Own Those Bomber Jackets

As the name suggests, they are a bomb in fashion trends. They are short and durable jackets along with a zippered front. With fitted waist and clean lined cuffs they qualify perfectly for a wide range of casual ensembles. This jacket is extremely comfortable and highly versatile. It goes without saying that bomber jackets come with an essential of being of the right fit. To do so, one should select a style which sits snugly on the shoulders and has fitted arms along with a slim body. Create a style statement by pairing your bomber jacket with basic garments in neutral colors by The HUB. To go for an edgy appearance, try a black leather bomber or a brown suede and beat fashion on path.


The Classy Wool Blazers

As the temperature drops, blend casual with sophistication. A wool overcoat is an absolute must for any gentleman as it can keep you feeling warm along with that oh-so-cool, or in this case, oh-so-hot look!
They come in a wide variety of colors and lengths and offer a timeless appeal to every attire you wish to pull off. Simply pick up the one you love from The HUB, and be covered for all those winter commutes to work, fancy dinners, evening drinks, and a lot more. Pair them with a button down shirt for fancier events or pick a roll neck for those chilly nights. Enter the room and watch all eyes turn towards you in this elegant wardrobe essential!
Casual winter outfit


Fashion Allure – Scarf

A scarf is where comfort meets elegance. Contrary to many beliefs, this solacing accessory gives out masculine vibes and can be an extremely stylish way to complete and pull off a winter attire. Scarves are a great way to bring some color or pattern into a drab outfit. You can knot it up with a sweater or simply let it hang loose if going for more of a coat look. We bet you will end up feeling warm and comfortable while looking fabulous at the same time.
Button front jacket


Denim Truckers

For all those wondering, a trucker jacket is a button-front jacket featuring double breast pockets. It is typically short fitted and perfect for all casual and fresh looks. The denim trucker is sure to keep you warm and on-trend all at once. Although loose and oversized designs seem excellent to create a relaxed appearance, a fitted trucker makes you look sharper. You can also opt for a denim jacket that finishes on your hips to feel adaptable and aesthetic. A great layer to finish off any outfit, this ensemble from The HUB can work for all the winter vacays that you might be planning just with an additional pair of chinos.
The Boosy buits


The Bossy Boots

With a lot of ways to work them in your wardrobe, boots can be declared the ultimate winter staple that brings out the boss in you. Providing a super sophisticated look, their real winning quality is the ultimate comfort and chic chemistry they build with your attire. Pair them up with denim or trousers and a casual button up shirt/sweater to nail those weekend parties. You can choose classy ankle boots or a casual pair of timberland ones according to your occasion and be ready to be your own fashion label. Remember to pinroll or cuff your bottoms to show off those beauties.

Style Tips to Remember:

  • Remember to layer up for absolute warmth
  • A quality jacket can go a long way
  • Fashion language is best projected with absolute comfort
  • Always complement your attire with suitable accessories
  • The right size sums it up perfectly

Enrich your winter wardrobe with outfits that make you feel comfortably confident and be sure to walk the trendsetter ramp this winter. So go forth and be fabulous with all the exclusive winter wear collections from The HUB.

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