zodiac fashion style for men

It’s Practical Magic!

Summer is the season out there when all those forgiving layers are stripped right off your body, with the thought that your wardrobe choices are reduced to a few feet of cotton. There’s a lot of 50/50 fashion related to the season of heat. But in-between all the catwalk looks that are trotted out on the ramp, there’s always an option of a lot many styles, fabrics, and textures that open around you.

With a great twist to this month’s edit, The HUB brings out the fashion relationship between you and your zodiac sign. Believe it or not, Astrologists say that Zodiac signs play an integral role in determining your personality traits. From dynamic Arians to versatile Geminis, happening Librans to sensuous Scorpions, everything could be related to your Zodiac sign. Although, are you aware that those qualities can be splashed through your wardrobe too? With this edit, mix fashion with astrology to create zodiac fashion and see a transformation in your personality.




(March 21 – April 19)
Ruled by Mars, an Arian man is bold, fearless, and a born leader. If you fall into this category, we are sure you would love to experiment with bold colors and create your very own unique style statement. But if not, let us introduce you to a variety of styles that would suit your persona and enhance the Arian in you as your zodiac sign clothing.
The best Aries fashion style statement for you ever can be flaunting the classics. Focus on getting the basics right since you have it in you to pull off a seamless look that can be carried from your desk to an evening date to a late-night beer with your friend. Generally, a suitor of black, some other hues that will definitely enhance your personality are red, navy blue, and other bold shades. A unique twist to bring to your fashion sense can be the inclusion of military and touches of the warrior – think arm cuffs, leather, and metal buttons.



● Streamline towards sleek pieces
● Never get enough of understated accessories
● Love the classic tonal outfit




(April 20 – May 20)
Ruled by Venus, a Taurus man is reliable and someone’s constant companion. It can also mean that if he is comfortably settled on a couch, it can be really hard to move him! If you are one of them, your style statement is absolutely anything which is comfortable, practical, soft, and enhances your senses. With Green, Blue, Turquoise, and Light Pink as your go-to colors, in your Taurus clothing style, you’ll look your best with an exposed neckline or a button-down shirt for breathing space.
For an added element of grit and glam, styling bold pieces and accessories can make you stand out from the rest of the room. Focus on getting easy-to-care and comfortable clothing pieces, like khakis, jeans, and items made of polyester-cotton blend fabrics for a better and easy summer. We know you love experimenting with different kinds of foods, so don’t shy away from bringing that into your dressing style as well. Experimenting with your power colors, you can rock any look from day to night or weekday to weekend.


● Go for comfortable & fashion-forward attires
● Stick to your form & function
● Don’t be afraid to make your style statement



(May 21 – June 21)
Ruled by Mercury, a Gemini man follows the latest trends and fashion. A fearless thinker, we are sure you are always down to try something new and have an amplifying social life. If you are also a live wire, then this summer can be your very own fashion ramp. With a lot of pieces to style from, try the new mix and match trends and thoroughly enjoy every moment of the reckless abandonment while you style yourself.
With yellow and white as your reliable hues, you can always experiment with contemporary shades like Silver, Spring Green, Pastel, and Pale Grey. Flaunt the cool side of your personality of the Gemini clothing style, with printed shirts paired with white bottoms or shorts or any other
typical beachwear. Mostly suited for rounder necks, you can always try layering graphic tees with plain khaki shirts to enhance your attire and stand fashionable against the summer seascape.


● Switch your style and go with the trend often
● Never repeat an outfit
● Reach for streamlined staples

For more patterns of change and style tips and tricks according to zodiac-signs clothing styles, follow this edit and rock Summer 2022 with a twist of your own. Visit the store or stay tuned with The HUB for more style updates.

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