Style With Substance

Style With Substance

Navigating yourself to the perfect outfit is a big task, and we get it. We have all heard and read about multiple rules and regulations that revolve around choosing an outfit before going to any event. Although these dress codes are supposed to act as guidelines, we often find ourselves standing in front of our closet, figuring out matching colors and combinations for hours due to them.

With this edit from THE HUB, get ready to step into your very own closet and dress to be the most admired man in the room. We break down the most familiar dress codes of the party-wear men’s collections, like the cocktail attire, the smart-casual style, the very formal black-tie attire, and more, to ensure all your outfits are on-point. With just a few well-chosen items, you’ll look stunning, no matter what the occasion is.

Style With Substance


Just a Piece of Dressy

Styling the well-known and modern smart-casual look.
Being the easiest of all dressing styles, the smart-casual look is the toughest nut to crack. Defined based on what season you will be carrying the outfit, to the location, and the kind of folk that you’ll be surrounded with, it can be complicated for men to understand exactly how to dress in this dressing style appropriately.
Smart-casual is simply combining neat chinos or a pair of dark-colored denim with a classic shirt and a pair of high-end leather shoes. The only thing to ensure is that your outfit is well-fitted but slightly less formal from the business casual manner. With the correct western wear for parties, you are sure to rock that debonair impression.
GET SMART: The golden rule to rocking this style is keeping the location and crowd in mind.
black suits


Just Black

Styling the well-known beautiful & bold.
Being the most elegant color in the world of fashion, black can be pulled off for absolutely any occasion and event. The hue is sure to have you looking sharp, even if you are flaunting just a hoodie. Whether you easily fall in love with luxury and sophisticated fashion or rely on streetwear, black suits them all. An all-black attire is not just elegant but also powers up your individuality in your outfit.
Slimming and universally flattering, various outfits can be created with just some basic staple wardrobe pieces. In recent years, black on black can easily be applied to a t-shirt and jeans, a button-down shirt and black chinos or even a tuxedo and tie. Whether you want to flaunt a classy look or a business casual, black can always be your right-wing. The HUB brings you effortless and classic looks of men’s party outfits.
GET SMART: The golden rule to achieve a sleek and polished look is matching the same shade of black on black.


Just the Right Time

Styling the well-known accessory: wristwatch
The fashion industry has fostered the position of a wristwatch from a battlefield to a classy modern accessory. In today’s world, watches are also a way to represent your prestige or social status. With multiple designs and types, selecting the right timepiece that goes with your outfit is sure to make you stand out.
Some categories that you can consider to build your timepiece collection around certain outfits are:
Dressy watch: Typically understated and elegant, this one compliments all your black-tie attire.
Smartwatch: This one goes with all your casual wear.
Pilot watch: A great choice to parade with all your smart-casual outfits.
GET SMART: The golden rule to style a timepiece is either creating a contrast or matching its color with your outfit.


Just Some Luxury

Styling the well-known cocktail attire
The ever-glamorous cocktail attire can range from a very formal affair to something more laid-back. Party-wear outfits should be elegant and simple and be a display of the effort you have made in respect for the occasion.
Luckily, you can carry off this lovely and charming ensemble by pulling out some pieces and accessories right from your wardrobe. Start with a button-down shirt, a vest, a tie/bow, and a tuxedo jacket combined with a pair of dressy shoes. Once the basic structure is ready, embellish the outfit with accessories like a belt, a dressy watch, pocket square, or cufflinks to complete your look.
GET SMART: The golden rule to ace this outfit is to balance subtlety and confidence in your personality.


Just Staying Formal

Styling the well known black-tie outfit
The most formal style of dressing that can be carried out to sophisticated evening events, black-tie outfits need to be elegant and mature along with being a depiction of luxury. To carry out this vogue, you need to be dressed to the nines and showcase your flair for fashion.
You can be creative with the black-tie outfit while maintaining a similar level of sophistication. Simply pick a tuxedo and add your own touch of personality to it. You could choose a polished fabric, like all-time classic velvet, your chosen shade of dark, and grace it up with some accessories. You can go with a light-colored pocket square which will create a contrast with your suit, and flaunt some classy cufflinks on your shirt cuffs. Always pick a suit with more structure that is tailored with heavier fabric which emphasizes the element of the evening in your attire.
GET SMART: The golden rule to fine-tune this style is to always look for the right fit.

Elegance will never go out of style, and sophistication will always remain the key to elegance. So go ahead and rock the classic, timeless style.

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